Toquilla straw is obtained from the Carludovica Palmata palm tree, endemic to the Ecuadorian coast, especially in the province of Manabí. For the production of toquilla straw hats, the stems or buds are harvested and undergo a series of processes such as preselection, cooking, drying, and smoking. After these four steps, the straw is ready to be woven. The time it takes to weave a hat depends on the fineness of the strands, the size of the brim, and the season in which the work is done. Typically, weaving a toquilla straw hat takes between 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on the hat's quality or grade, which can vary in duration.

Often, women are entrusted with weaving this delicate craft while their husbands work in the fields or nearby areas. This way, they contribute to both their households and the traditional craftsmanship.

José Eloy Bernal Padilla, General Director of Hat Processor.

We have 43 years of experience exporting hats to different parts of the world, and since 2016, we started with the line of finishes in toquilla straw and felt. Our product is known for its finish and quality, as we, at the processing plant, pay attention to every detail to ensure the customer receives an excellent product. We invest in training and improving processes and machinery.

The selection and verification of the bodies

It is of significant importance, as this is when the quality of the weave, height, crown width, and brim length are identified.

Washing and Dyeing Process

The toquilla straw hats are rinsed to eliminate any residues from post-harvest and bleaching. Once washed, the coloring process begins.

"Mold Selection: We have 14 types of molds in various sizes: S, M, L, and XL."

The details added to the hat make it more comfortable and soft to wear. Impeccable stitching provides a delicate and sophisticated finish. We pay attention to every detail in our internal bands or sweatbands, as well as in hatbands.

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