José Eloy Bernal Bravo (1930-2016)

Founder and creator of PROCESADORA DE SOMBREROS for Eloy Bernal hats brand

La procesadora has been exporting hats since 1978, taking this artisanal, indigenous product, leaving a bit of every Ecuadorian in different corners of the world.

August 1987, La procesadora visits several companies in Brazil, strengthening international business ties with this country. 

The constant desire and effort from all of us at the company have allowed our international connections to grow and remain stronger. The trust placed in us by each of them has been a fundamental pillar, enabling our company to move forward and provide quality products to each of our customers."

1st Procurement of raw materials.

Our essential raw material for hat production is the “Carludovica Palmata”, commonly known as toquilla straw. For our use, we acquire the prepared toquilla straw fiber, which comes in the form of buds or sheaths extracted from crops in the mountainous regions of the Ecuadorian coast and east. These have undergone a lengthy treatment and drying process.

The Quality of Toquilla Straw Hat

The quality of a toquilla straw hat can be measured in grades. The higher the grade number, the better the quality. The hat's grade is determined by the number of toquilla straw fibers woven per linear inch (2.4 cm). In other words, as the straw fiber becomes finer, the higher the number of weave points per inch. The hat's grade can range from three to twenty-five.

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